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Danny and Steve H5-0 Slash Fiction Community

Because 'babe' is canon.

Danny and Steve H5-0 Slash Fic Community
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This community is only for Danny/Steve Hawaii 5-0 slash fan-fiction.

When posting please follow this guideline within your post:
Word Count:

Here's a textarea box for your use:

Please title posts using this template:
Story title, Rating, Complete/Incomplete

All entries should be tagged with:
- An author tag (ex: author: a)
- A length tag (ex: length: 100k+ words)
- A status tag (Complete, WIP)
- A series/RPS tag if it applies.

Rules of this community and things to know:
1. Slash only (background het pairings are allowed). Pre-slash is acceptable, but gen fic belongs somewhere else.
2. Respect each other and each other's works.
3. All Danny/Steve fic is acceptable as long as they are the main focus.
4. Tag your posts, please. =D
5. No advertising.
6. Please warn for spoilers.
7. All fic should be linked to your journal or posted under a cut.
8. RPS Scott/Alex is welcome here. Feel free to post it!
9. Please don't post your entire fic/header in a different font/size/color. Keep html short and sweet - bold is great, but if the whole thing is in bold, it really loses its effectiveness and tends to annoy people.

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